All School of Music, Theater & Dance ensembles are open to any UM student. Many ensembles are geared specifically toward LSA and other students (that is, non School of Music, Theater & Dance majors). These include Campus Band, Gamelan, Athletic Bands, Campus Symphony Orchestra, Campus Philharmonia Orchestra, Arts Chorale, Choral Union, Men’s and Women’s Glee Clubs, RC Choir, and the RC Chamber Ensembles. The RC Music Program offers many unique opportunities for LSA students. Visit the School of Music Ensembles Page to find links (e.g. a list of choirs) for more information.


Most ensembles require placement auditions (usually offered at the beginning of fall and winter terms). Usually having a prepared piece or two (one showcasing your technique and a second emphasizing lyrical expression) is enough for an audition, however, audition material will vary by ensemble. Be sure to contact the coordinators of each ensemble for audition information and sign-up well in advance of the semester in which you plan to participate.

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Private instruction, typically with School of Music Graduate Student Instructors, is open to all intermediate and advanced LSA students. Weekly lessons are typically 30 minutes and 2 credits for the term. Times are arranged in consultation with the assigned instructor. Please see the Application for Private Instruction page on the School of Music, Theater & Dance website for more information on how to apply.

Please note that placement is based on GSI availability and some applicants may be difficult to place in a given semester. Placement in guitar lessons is very rare— guitarists should contact the LSA Music Advisor to discuss alternative ways of fulfilling relevant requirements. The SMTD assesses a $250 course fee for private instruction courses (“Performance” 150, including Violin 150, Piano 150, and so on). LSA music majors and minors have priority for studio placements. IMPORTANT: Be sure to identify yourself on the form as a major/minor, explaining your situation in the empty box at the end of the form. 

As placement is not guaranteed in a given semester, music majors are encouraged to apply for private lessons in each semester until they have completed their private lesson requirement.

Applied Instruction: Piano and Guitar class

Beginning classes in piano (Piano 110) and guitar (Guitar 111) are available through SMTD for students with no prior experience. These classes are popular and may require instructor permission to register. Classes in piano and guitar through SMTD are considered “applied instruction” and can be counted as “Private Instruction” toward the music major.