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Arlene Dávila – “El Mall: The Spatial and Class Politics of Shopping Malls in Latin America” @ Haven Hall 3512
Dec 10 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Dr. Arlene Davila is a Professor of Anthropology and American Studies at New York University. Her research spans urban ethnography, the political economy of culture and media, creative economies and consumption, immigration, and geographies of inequality and race. She has focused particularly on the ethnographic study of the local, national, and global dynamics of Puerto Rican and contemporary Latino/Latin American cultural politics. She has authored multiple books, including Culture Works: Space, Value and Mobility Across the Neoliberal Americas (2012) and Latino Spin: Public Image and the Whitewashing of Race (2008), designated as the 2010 Distinguished Book Award in Latino Studies by the Latin American Studies Association. Her 2001 book, Latinos Inc.: The Making and Marketing of a People remains one of the most influential and oft-cited books in Latino Studies. She recently co-edited Contemporary Latina/o Media: Production, Circulation, Politics (2014) with Dr. Yeidy Rivero. Her forthcoming book, El Mall: The Spatial and Class Politics of Shopping Malls in Latin America (2016) applies shopping malls in Latin America as a lens to explore issues of class and social inequality.

This event is possible through sponsorship from American Culture, Latina/o Studies, Screen Arts and Cultures, and Anthropology.