Ope! Sorry (quickly)
I’m sorry that I had to ask you
what button to push in the elevator.

Ahh, sorry… (awkwardly)
I’m sorry that I decided to spread my
cream cheese at the same time as you.

My bad! Sorry… (uncomfortably)
I’m sorry that I held open the door
while you were still too far away.

Sorry… (quietly)
I’m sorry that we were both walking
in the same line of path.

Oh, crap! Sorry… (guiltily)
I’m sorry that I forgot to text you
when I got home safely.

Ugh, sorry… (sadly)
I’m sorry that I just keep saying
sorry to this stranger I don’t know.

I’m sorry for being sorry… (contradictory)
But I’m also sorry for thinking I’m not.

Thomas Wiaduck :

Thomas Wiaduck

Tommy Wiaduck is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan who is very undecided in what he wants to study. His work is inspired by the day-to-day happenings and people in his life. In the future, Tommy hopes to continue his work and craft as a writer in his free time.