En garde, and write your eulogy

Let me set the scene for you:

I was 15 and we were on the way to the airport.

It was all fun and games till he turns around and says,

“You just be and great things will happen to you”.

I’ll never forget those words for I knew he wasn’t lying.

My father, to me, is somewhere between love and something divine.

He grew up below the poverty line but had the heart of a giant,

Only 5’7” but he had the might of a giant.

He wasn’t blessed with luck, but he gave no fucks,

And he made them bucks.

He made a little fortune with confidence and competence,

But he never let me have the misfortune of being raised in opulence.

He never worshipped wealth like the occult,

And for me, those same venues were occulent.

He said money comes and goes but Greatness always stays,

And I know because I proudly carry the burden of my last name.

When I bury him, they’ll say:

“Here lies a great man who was a good man, may he rest in peace.”

And they’ll take a peek into his skeleton full of closets only to find that it’s empty.

He turned to me and said:

“You’re a bright kid who’s 15,

Your future lies 600 miles away from me”.

Oh, what a grave mistake.

For what lay ahead were my darkest days,

Where even if the sun shined,

All I saw was the darkness that blinds.

And through my tunnel vision,

I could see no light nor no end in sight.

I tasted fear on the daily, I tasted fear on the daily.

I tasted fear on the daily.

Those days were so dark,

That I’m atheistic but I said God come and save me,

Those days were so dark,

That if I had seen the light, I would’ve said just take me.

Oh, I was primed for catastrophe,

But I turned into a masterpiece.

And I have my claws out like a wolverine.

Oh, you want to challenge me?

En garde, while I write your eulogy,

I promise death will come sooner than you could say Ulysses.

Those days were dark, but I let my light shine.

And I got through it.

Conquer the world? Fuck it let’s do it.

I don’t have the heart of a lion, or the might of a giant.

But I’m a poet and you know I’m not lying

When I say

These are dark days and these are dark times


Yeah we gon be aight.


Alok Abhilash :

Alok Abhilash

Alok Abhilash is an international student who has lived most of his life in India. He'll be graduating as part of the Class of 2023 and is currently pursuing a major in Economics. He writes poetry in his free time.  He is currently eighteen, but sadly that will change and he shall be forty soon.