Let the bells toll, let the streets clear,

Let the leaves fall as we shed tears.

For the magician’s lost his magic,

And he now lives in fear.


If only you could see him in his glory days,

For he could’ve made you levitate.

And yes, he’s tried to meditate

Yet all he could think of is his sad state

And how he has too much on his plate.


He feels slighted by a divine hand,

When he doesn’t feel cut in half.

One half here and one half in the past,

The better half gone but within his grasp.


His hands are rusted and his heart’s corrupted.

His tools have lost their sharpness,

And he’s lost his tact.

Now all he has is a sad bland act.


To all I say come along

As we watch the magician sing his sad song.

For what is a magician who’s lost his magic,

If not for something tragic.


Alok Abhilash :

Alok Abhilash

Alok Abhilash is an international student who has lived most of his life in India. He'll be graduating as part of the Class of 2023 and is currently pursuing a major in Economics. He writes poetry in his free time.  He is currently eighteen, but sadly that will change and he shall be forty soon.