All the Colors of the Moon

all the colors of the Moon


bluish, blackish, blue:

in the eyes of a heart

fractured and aching

with the turn of a strange machine.


rise on a pillar of sand

stardust sweeps by Your bruised face

Your lip, cut by the jagged edge of a local supernova.




my rib cage closes in on itself.

it chokes my organs and squeezes my feeble voice

its the last bit of toothpaste. it doesn’t taste minty-fresh.


(its not an unfamiliar greeting,

its one ive used

to receive your caramelized features

many times before)



It feels so different

so wrong

and so miswritten


the meter is off, the pace is falling

the intonation sounds exactly like im drowning.


You respond with silence, that’s okay,

but Your lack of comment on the matter leaves my mind looping in a spool of sinew.


i love You?


thats the color of the Moon.


Caleb PJ Bauman :

Caleb PJ Bauman

Caleb PJ Bauman likes to use his middle initials in place of his last name, not because he has anything against his last name, but mostly because he thinks it sounds cooler. It doesn't.