i am afraid of holes

i am afraid of holes.

i googled what that meant,

but She just looked at me with sad eyes.


“why do you wanna know?”


oh. that’s okay.

my ligaments didn’t matter anyway.

my muscles were temporary!

(they grow back, you know.)


“naivete is a diagnosable condition”

She said

“you’re going to need to wear a helmet

if you live your life like..



oh. that’s okay.

ill bottle up my tears.

might need them to water my cactus.


no no no

She says


use them to grease up your bike chain.

use them… (but not around me.)


because i think i know why i am afraid of holes-


it’s what lies within them that scares me.


Caleb PJ Bauman :

Caleb PJ Bauman

Caleb PJ Bauman likes to use his middle initials in place of his last name, not because he has anything against his last name, but mostly because he thinks it sounds cooler. It doesn't.