An Ode to the Outdoors

I really love the outdoors, yes I very truly do

With reaching bright green trees and birds that sparkle blue

And expansive fields of flowers, all brand spanking new

And all these things are great, they’re really truly grand

But there are also creepy crawlers that can bite or lick unplanned

And rain and sleet and snow, that bring more stress than you can stand

With sticks and leaves and pointy things that stick and poke poke poke

Or animals that snarl and pounce until you choke

Still, I truly love the outdoors, with my whole entire heart,

But I’d rather watch from inside, set very far apart


Olivia Sulisz :

Olivia Sulisz

Olivia Sulisz is a psych major who was a part of the Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts program this past year. She is very proud of my little poem, and she’s glad that she gets to share it with you!