I watch you as you wash your hands with fear,

Red that represented my DNA

The scenes that play over in my head form tears

As that same soul dies and cripples away


I wonder if it was all in my head

You would make me laugh the same way she did

“Sweet, I love you, I really do,” you said,

And so I would believe you as she did


I showed you a different kind of love,

Love without sacrifice and unneeded greed

And you flew away like a stubborn dove

Afraid to sprout from its own ingrown seeds.


As I unfold and give you the key,

You take it and lock the door from me.


Sophia Newton :

Sophia Newton

Sophia Newton is studying mechanical engineering and has enjoyed the LSWA community for the inspiring creativity and talent of its members. She believes that the arts are an important part of making the world go round and loves to see what her peers create!