Undergraduate courses

What is Empire?
The Darwinian Revolution
The London Style: Urban Literary Culture from the 1980s to the present
Women, Writing, Modernity, 1789-1859
The Victorian Novel: Bestsellers and the Creative Industries
Literature and Social Change: 1859—A Literature of Revolution?
Victorian Literature and Culture
Introduction to Literary Studies
Reading the Body, Interpreting the Mind
Writing and Academic Enquiry: Reading Writing Detroit


Honors courses

History of Literary Criticism and Theory
Topics in Literary Criticism and Theory
Is Literature Art?
Art and Community in Nineteenth-Century Culture
John Ruskin: Art, Truth, and Politics
Theories of Art and Beauty


Graduate courses

Historicizing Literature: Class, Race, and Gender
Liberalism and Scientific Thought
Aesthetics and Politics
The Two Cultures: Darwin and Eliot
Introduction to Victorian Literature and Culture
Aesthetics and Politics in the Nineteenth Century
Evolution of Mind
Theories of Scientific Method
Scientific World-Views
Cultures of Modernity


Director of Doctoral Dissertation

Anoff Cobblah (current) ‘Coming into Play: The Work of Scientific Play in Victorian Britain.’
Jenny Kohn (current), ‘Feelings, Identification, and Difference: The Politics of Victorian Novel Form.’
Pamela Wolpert (current), ‘Wandering and Orientation in the British Novel, c. 1860-1920.’
Elizabeth McAdams, Ph.D. in English Literature (2015), ‘Turning Japanese: Japonisme in Victorian Literature and Culture.’
Mark Frost, Ph.D. in English Literature (2006), ‘Ruskin and Ecology.’
Maureen Rickman, Ph.D. in English Literature (2006), ‘Race and Sensibility in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century.’


Member of Dissertation Committee

Christie Peterson Allen, Ph.D. in English Literature (2016), ‘The Informed Victorian Reader.’
Emily Howard, Ph.D. in English Literature (2015), ‘Grounds of Knowledge: Unofficial Epistemologies of British Environmental Writing, 1745-1835.’
Chris Coltrin, Ph.D. in History of Art (2010), ‘Destruction and Deliverance: British Religious Art in the Style of John Martin, 1816-1840.’
Michael Tondre, Ph.D. in English Literature (2010). ‘Social Physics: Victorian Scientific Theory and Social Models, 1840-1880.’
Ji-Hyae Park, Ph.D. in English Literature (2008), ‘The Social Idealism of Aestheticism.’
Sheshalatha Reddy, Ph.D. in English Literature (2007). ‘The Poetics of Nation and Empire: Imagining England in India.’
Sarah Mitchell, Ph.D. in History (2006), ‘Cases of Conjoined Twins in the Nineteenth Century.’
Sabine Clemm, Ph.D. in English Literature (2005), ‘Mapping the World in Household Words: Charles Dickens, Journalism and Nationhood in the 1850s.’
Rada Getova. Ph.D. in History (2004), ‘The Rhetoric of the French Revolution.’
Ian Rossiter, Ph.D. in English Literature (1999), ‘Print Culture in mid-Victorian England.’