M-CARES may help women afford contraception so they can avoid and
delay pregnancies they don’t want. Study results may help policymakers
understand how clinics like Planned Parenthood matter for the women who
use them.

M-CARES needs 5,500 volunteers, ages 18 to 35, who are at risk of getting
pregnant, who want to avoid getting pregnant, and who face out-of-pocket
costs for contraceptives at PPMI.

For these volunteers, M-CARES wants to learn about their lives, including:

  • Contraception, pregnancies, and childbearing
  • Health and use of health care
  • Schooling and training
  • Work hours, jobs, earnings, and financial success
  • Romantic and sexual relationships
  • Parenting and children
  • Hopes and dreams for the future
  • Overall well-being