I am a socio-cultural anthropologist with a STS focus and regional expertise in the US, Mexico, Bolivia, and Chile. I study gender, colonial, and class inequalities in transnational scientific communities, and forms of nationalism that are masked by appeals to scientific universalism.

Chilean students protest against the privatization of higher education. Santiago, Chile. May 2019. (Photo: M. Leighton)

An overview of my research projects is here, and more detailed information about each project is available in the links to the right.

I joined the University of Michigan Anthropology Department in August 2017 as a postdoctoral researcher, working with Elizabeth F.S. Roberts on the Mexican Exposures project.

I completed my doctoral studies in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Chicago in 2014. Between graduating and coming to Michigan, I worked at UIC and Northwestern University. Originally from the UK, I have a BA in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge, where I specialized in European prehistory and archaeological science.