Unique GSI position for Fall 2019

Interested in teaching something different? Psychology is hiring a GSI for their statistics course! You are eminently qualified! This is a chance to learn something new, get  more diverse teaching experience, and meet new people.  The deadline is approaching fast, so apply now.
Note that you can likely learn “R” this summer as a small side project (e.g., on Coursera) which is not a bad idea anyway.
[If you are interested in this position but have already told math you’d like to be supported as a GSI in math, just let me know. We can likely work with this.]

FALL 2019 Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) POSITION AVAILABLE!

Applications are due by June 14, 2019.
PSYCH 613 Advanced Statistical Methods
0.5 FTE GSI position
Lectures: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-11am (attendance required)

Professor Richard Gonzalez, gonzo@umich.edu

GSI Description:

GSI will assist with several aspects of the course and will attend lectures and weekly meetings with the instructor. Responsibilities include supporting student learning by holding office hours, arranging computer lab sessions, fielding questions via email, and helping maintain the course Canvas site. Responsibilities also include participating in student evaluations by assisting the instructor with the development of quizzes, problem sets, and exams, and by grading and preparing answer keys. GSI must have a strong foundation in ANOVA/regression, a familiarity with other course content, and a solid background in statistical computing with SPSS and/or R.

TO APPLY:  Apply to job posting 173063 at careers.umich.edu.
If you have any questions, please contact mwolgast@umich.edu.