Interesting GSI position in Math for Fall ’19

Math 385 is hiring a GSI. The deadline to apply is June 7, tomorrow! Apply here now.
Math 385  is one of three math courses for future elementary teachers taught by the math department. The focus of the course is developing the students’ mathematical voice and reasoning abilities, while carefully defining, and deducing beloved properties of, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and fractions. We aim to provide these future elementary educators a mathematically rigorous background on these topics to inform and support their teaching of this content.
The deadline to apply is June 7, tomorrow! The application is very short. Apply here now.
Math courses for pre-service teachers are engaging to teach because of their content and pedagogy, and may be advantageous to you professionally.
Content: These courses focus on content quite different from 105/115/116, closer to what mathematicians might call an “Introduction to Proofs” course. Mathematicians find these courses fascinating because they give the opportunity to think about simple things deeply, like how one might prove that addition and multiplication of integers are commutative and associative, or how to prove the distributive property.
Pedagogy: these courses are part of the Math Department’s IBL program and provide opportunities for getting deeper into IBL teaching.
Professional: There is nationally a shortage of mathematicians prepared to teach such courses. Experience with these courses could help make you a competitive candidate for certain kinds of jobs.
Please direct questions to Eric Canton.
Note that unlike 105/115/116, you are not the primary instructor in this course, but there are opportunities to take the lead in various aspects of the course, as your interest dictates.