Erdös Institute Career Support

Michigan math has partnered with the Erdös institute to bring our PhD and MLB students, post-docs, and PhD alumni career support. Please consider taking advantage of this amazing opportunity!

The application window for the Erdös Institute’s Spring 2022 Career Workshops and May Data Science Boot Camp closes on November 15th.

You can apply directly through our website until that date.
Admitted applicants will have access to the following programs:

  • Career Foundations Workshops (Feb-Apr)
    • Application Materials (Feb): Resumes, LinkedIn profiles
    • Networking & Informational Interviews (Mar)
    • Behavioral Interviews (Apr)
  • Technical Interview Workshops (Feb-Apr)
    • Overview on interview types (Feb)
    • Paired Coding & Whiteboarding (Mar)
    • Case Studies (Apr)
  • Data Science Boot Camp (May): classes and team projects with PhD alumni mentors
  • PhD Alumni-led mini-courses

You will also have access to our PhD alumni mentors and Industry Placement team to help you with all the stages of your professional journey.

See more advice and resources for and by Michigan Math PhD students and post-docs regarding non academic careers, including more information about the Erdös Institute here.