Certification Programs

Certifications: Math PhD students, both AIM and abstract, should consider earning  certification from one of UM’s many centers in the mathematical sciences. A certification is like a “mini-masters” degree, and can often be painlessly earned over 2 or so years by taking a few classes and doing a project. The project can often be related to thesis research or some other interest (such as bridge, poker, finance, knitting, whatever.)

Recommended Certifications that are mathematical and will boost your computing skill include:

  1. Data Science Certificate from MIDAS: Talk to Professor Anna Gilbert.
  2. Scientific Computing offered by MICDE:  Talk to Professors Silas Alben or Victoria Booth
  3. Complex Systems from  CSCS: Talk to Professor Victoria Booth
  4.  Computational Neuroscience, talk to Professor Victoria Booth

The  Complete list of Rackham Certifications   is long and varied, not all related to computing or mathematical sciences. It also include some certifications in different aspects of Professional Development, such as DEI.