Michigan Resources for Writing

Take advantage of the resources offered by Michigan’s Sweetland Center for Writing. This is a great place to get advice on improving your writing, and sometimes even get paid to get that help!

  • Meet with a writing expert to go over a grant proposal, research paper, dissertation passage, or any writing for a class. They’re not mathematicians, but YES they can help with math writing (this has been tested)
  • Take a class that helps you write a research paper or your dissertation
  • Join a dissertation writing group. You can even get paid to be a group leader.
  • Consider applying for the Sweetland Writing Institute, a summer fellowship for students in the final stages of  dissertation writing. This can supply a stipend in the summer without teaching, so that you can complete your degree.
  • Consider applying for to be a Sweetland Fellow; this will give you an opportunity to teach writing about math as a GSI in the English Department. Rachel Webb recently did this.

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