Careers in sports for Math PhDs

The Invitations to Industry seminar series continues this Monday November 23rd at 5pm ET with Math PhD Max Ehrman, Analyst at Washington Nationals!  Please join our seminar to learn about the wide range of fascinating careers for mathematicians. Max: Washington Nationals : […]

Jane Street Recruiting Symposium for Math PhDs and students

Kristen Chang at Jane Street , a proprietary trading firm,  reached out to invite YOU, Michigan-affiliated PhD Mathematician (or soon to be PhD mathematician), to a Symposium designed to show you some of the interesting math being done at Jane […]

Invitations to Industry: SIG on Monday

  Susquehanna International Group (“SIG”) is again recruiting top Math PhDs to work in quantitative research at their proprietary trading firm in Philly. Among recent UM graduates working (or soon to be working) there are Chris Hammond(UM PhD 2009)  and […]

Invitations to Industry Monday

  Ian Levitt,  mathematician at NASA Zoom link About: Ian Levitt began his career in 1993, as a high school intern in a computer science laboratory at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) William J Hughes Technical Center (WJHTC) just outside Atlantic […]

Invitations to Industry monday

The Invitations to Industry seminar series continues this Monday October 5th at 5pm ET with Igor Ferst, Cofounder and CTO of Mobikit!  Graduate students and postdocs in math welcome!   From Igor: I’m an experienced technologist with a deep and diverse skill set spanning full-stack […]

Invitations to Industry

Monday: September 28 at 5 pm ET Zoom link Rik Williams, PhD Senior Data Scientist – Transportation Policy Research at Uber

Quantitative Research Internship for Math PhDs

Position: Quantitative Research Intern (remote) About The Firm: The quantitative Long / Short Equity and Global Macro hedge fund utilizes a quantitative multi-factor investment process that levers both bottom up fundamentals and macroeconomic analysis to identify potential themes and attractive […]

Jane Street hiring

UM PhD alum Rafe Kinsey wrote to try to recruit you to work with his group at Jane Street as a Treasury analyst. Math PhD counts as work experience.  Let me know if you’d like an introduction or recommendation.

SIAM Virtual Career Fair on Tuesday July 7

Free registration, and you do not need to be a SIAM member…so please read on! SIAM is offering its first-ever Virtual Career Fair, on Tuesday July 7 at any location near you with an internet connection.   You either need […]

Even with everything, data industry still looking for Math PhDs

Yes, it’s scary out there, with worries both about public health and the economy. The good news is, some places are still hiring, and many of the industries looking for mathematicians (tech, robotics, data science) are poised to do well, […]