Support and Advice from Rackham

Please consider taking advantage of the following sessions from Rackham. These might be helpful if you are stressing about finding an advisor or about your relationship with your advisor, stressing about how to write cover letters, stressing about the difference […]

Professor Sasha Barvinok to speak in Junior Colloquium Friday

Please join us for the first Junior Colloquium of the Semester. Tomorrow the “Research at Michigan” series continues with Professor Sasha Barvinok telling us about his research into The mathematics of computational complexity. Room 3088 from 4 to 5pm. Everyone is […]

Cognate Courses in Entrepreneurship

Have you thought about entrepreneurship? Many Michigan Math PhD Alums have founded companies. If you’re curious, consider taking a cognate in UM’s Center for Entrepreneurship. There are many options for Winter 2020, from intro-level courses such as “Intro to Innovation” […]

Research at Michigan TODAY in junior colloquium

Don’t miss Junior Colloquium TODAY, Friday November 1 at 4 pm, EH 3088. Today’s event features Professor Ralf Spatzier telling us about his work on Rigidity in Geometry and Dynamics in our “Research at Michigan” series. All graduate students, post-docs […]

Junior Colloquium this Year

Please mark your calendars! This year in Junior Colloquium, which meets Fridays at 4 pm, we have two separate Seminar Series: Research at Michigan Math Invitations to Industry. 1. Research at Michigan Math is where beginning graduate students will get […]

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Beginning PhD students and Master’s students! Consider applying for an NSF fellowship if you are a US citizen or permanent resident! [Don’t despair if you’re international, just click here instead.] These are quite competitive, but Michigan students have a good […]

Junior Colloquium Today!

Don’t miss Jenny Wilson, one of our newest professors, who will talk about Representation Stability in Junior Colloquium today at 4 pm.    Junior Colloquium is an important meeting ground for students to meet each other, other faculty, and potential […]

Need help finding or navigating your relationship with your advisor?

Probably the number one worry I hear from graduate students is navigating the relationship with their advisor: how to find/approach/talk to/get along with this faculty mentor who looms so large in their careers. Please! Consider attending a Rackham workshop this […]