Conference in Commutative Algebra

Morgantown Algebra Days 2020 There will be a two-day commutative algebra conference  at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV during April 25-26, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday).  The conference will have 8 research talks and a poster session for graduate students.  The poster session […]

Graduate student conference in algebra, geometry, and topology

Matthew Stover, a professor at Temple and former UM post-doc, wrote to invite YOU to a conference in May. This is a good opportunity to practice speaking and meet some interesting people. They have funding! Matt’s message is below. Dear […]

Research Workshop in Geometry this May

Vaughn Climenhaga, a geometer at the University of Houston, wrote to invite you to a workshop there May 15-17, with a preparatory pre-workshop event for graduate students May 13-14. The theme of the workshop is hyperbolicity in dynamical systems, including  thermodynamic formalism, […]