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Graduate student conference in algebra, geometry, and topology

Matthew Stover, a professor at Temple and former UM post-doc, wrote to invite YOU to a conference in May. This is a good opportunity to practice speaking and meet some interesting people. They have funding! Matt’s message is below. Dear […]

Upcoming Writing Workshop

The Rackham/Sweetland Workshops cover a host of topics designed to help graduate students in various aspects of writing. For example, they run workshops to help you write research, teaching, personal and diversity statements for fellowship applications as well as academic positions.   […]

Research at Michigan TODAY in junior colloquium

Don’t miss Junior Colloquium TODAY, Friday November 1 at 4 pm, EH 3088. Today’s event features Professor Ralf Spatzier telling us about his work on Rigidity in Geometry and Dynamics in our “Research at Michigan” series. All graduate students, post-docs […]

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