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There are several professional organizations for mathematicians. Professional organizations organize conferences, provide mentoring networks, advocate for mathematics on Capitol Hill, offer prizes and fellowships, and publish mathematics and news about the profession.  Our department is an institutional member of several, meaning that our students can get free or reduced fee memberships and take advantage of various opportunities.

The American Mathematical Society   is the main professional organization for research mathematicians. The AMS offers several sectional meetings around the country every year, at which “Special Sessions” feature experts in targeted areas giving (typically) 20 minute talks on their most recent work. It also publishes the AMS Notices (news about the profession), the AMS Bulletin (expository articles on cutting edge research), and several  research journals including the Journal of the AMS, Transactions of the AMS, and Proceedings of the AMS.

The Mathematical Association of America is the main professional organization for mathematicians working at colleges. It publishes the American Math Monthly, which features original mathematics that may be more recreational, and The College Math Journal  which focuses more on mathematics education at the college level.   The main meeting of the MAA  is their annual MathFest, which brings together a diverse crowd of professors at liberal arts colleges, REU students, high school math competition winners , and the community.

Project Next, a mentoring program for young PhD mathematicians sponsored by the MAA

The Erdos Institute, for introducing STEM PhD students to amazing opportunities in industry

 The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics  is the main professional organization for mathematical scientists, including applied mathematicians, both in academia and  in industry.

The Association for Women in Mathematics  is specifically focused on promoting women and girls participation in mathematics. We have a local student AWM chapter at UM. Please ask the current Associate Chair or grad office staff how to sign up; if the department goes beyond its allotment of free members, talk to Karen Smith to get help paying dues.

The National Association of Mathematicians  is specifically focused on promoting under-represented minorities participation in mathematics. Please ask the current Associate Chair or grad office staff how to sign up; talk to Karen Smith to get help paying dues if the department doesn’t have any allotments.

Conference for African American Researchers in Mathematics (CAARMS)

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