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Michigan Math Introductory Program: Michigan Math’s Intro Program is famous around the country for providing an effective mathematical education to students in LSA and the Engineering school, from pre-calculus through Calc IV. Our training for instructors in student-led interactive learning makes our GSIs among the Michigan’s best, and among the most sought-after new professors for college teaching positions. All math PhD and MLB students gain experience and training through this program as part of their support package.


The active learning style of teaching, such as we use at Michigan,  is effective, even though this study shows that that students often think they learn more lecture style courses.

But it doesn’t stop there! Please also consider getting involved in some more of the many opportunities for graduate students, post-docs and faculty in mathematics to improve, enjoy and broaden their teaching experiences:

Michigan Math and Science Summer Scholars Program: This is a high school enrichment program offered every summer. Many graduate students, in collaboration with a faculty member, teach two-week mini-courses on a range of topics. Ask in the Math office for more info.

Center for Inquiry Based Learning, Michigan math’s center for innovative, student center learning. Run by Professor Ralf Spatzier, the center hires several post-docs a year, a few GSI, and undergraduate course assistants to support Inquiry Based Learning (IBL). It also sponsors a workshop every August and weekly lunches where instructors exchange ideas on inquiry based learning. Please join in! Talk to Ralf.


You can also teach math, stats, computer science and more at UM as an experienced GSI. Read more about this below.

Experiences of Michigan Grads in Unusual Teaching Positions

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A  national report on prospects of mathematics in the year 2025: Eye opening insights on the future of mathematics, including the importance of data science and computing, discussion of the education enterprise and whether or not is going to be influenced by the widespread use of MOOC platforms.