Welcome to this website about my teaching and research! Here you will also find links to useful websites, updates on my current work, as well as pictures that I take.

I am pleased to announce that my latest book, Visual Culture in Contemporary China: Paradigms and Shifts, was released by Cambridge University Press in early 2015. Its Chinese version 《流动的图像:当代中国视觉文化再解读》was published by Fudan University Press in 2018.

Cover - Visual Culture
Click image for a full view of “Tourists,” a woodblock print by Fang Limin (2011)
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My research in recent years has focused on visual culture and art history, but my training was in literary studies and theory. Primarily a scholar of modern and contemporary Chinese culture and society, I also teach courses in comparative literature.

A major project related to my new book is Multiple Impressions: Contemporary Chinese Woodblock Prints, an exhibition that I curated for the University of Michigan Museum of Art in 2011.

You may find the following videos from the exhibition on YouTube:
Multiple Impressions: Contemporary Chinese Woodblock Prints

Here is a recent news story about my involvement in helping a collection of Chinese woodblock prints return to China: “Parkite’s Family Returns WWII-era Woodcuts to China.”

This essay of mine in Chinese, published in The Journal of Modern Chinese Studies (Shanghai) in January 2017, explores the sonic experiences and aural imagination during the war in the 1930s: 聆听延安:一段听觉经验的启示

A recent essay of mine discusses Street Theater and Subject Formation in Wartime China (Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review, March 2016) PDF version

View a short version of my curriculum vitae.