Global climate change is one of the most pressing problems affecting humanity in the modern age. The University of Michigan has played an active role in contributing scientific research on the topic of climate change, as well as serving as a site for activism and public awareness.

To celebrate the 200 years of service the University of Michigan has rendered the local community and the world, and to reflect on the University’s role in combating global climate change, the university’s Bicentennial Michigan Horizons celebration will include a week-long series of events entitled “MC²: Michigan & the Climate Crisis.”

Throughout the week events will discuss not only the science of global climate change, but also how climate change affects us politically, economically, socially, and culturally.

This week-long celebration of the University’s bicentennial is aimed at confronting the present and future of the climate crisis. As such, we have developed activities that not only inform the public, but also allow the community to immerse themselves as active participants fighting against global climate change. Activities include: a keynote address by Bill McKibben; a science cafe (Oil and Soil: Forces of Climate Change) by UM professors Jennifer Blesh and Juan Cole; an academic freedom lecture by climate scientist Michael Mann; a Saturday morning physics discussion with Professors Ivette Perfecto, George Kling and the community about the science behind climate change; a political panel bringing together student groups and climate activists; a climate change art installation and performance led by activist, scientist, and writer Sandra Steingraber; and an informal poetry slam.