Weixuan Nie’s article “Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction by a cobalt bis(pyridylmonoimine) complex: effect of acid concentration on catalyst activity and stability” has been published in Chemical Communications!  Congrats Weixuan!

We welcome rotation student Federica Ricci (M. Sc. University Delgi Studi Perugia) and welcome back rotation student Taylor Soucy (B.S. Penn State)!


The McCrory Lab has been awarded an NSF CAREER Award: “Promoting Selective Electrochemical CO2 Reduction by Controlling a Catalyst’s Primary, Secondary, and Outer Coordination Spheres.”

We welcome rotation student Nathanael Downes (B.S. Allegheny College)!

Weijie Feng (B.S. Shanghai Jiao Tong University) has joined the group as a Master’s student, and undergraduate student Qi Wang from Nankai University has joined the lab as a visiting scholar.  Congratulations!

We welcome rotation student Taylor Soucy (B.S. Penn State)!

Robert Bonsall, William Dean, and Samuel Michaud have officially joined the group as graduate students.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Jeremy Kallick on being awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

An interview with Professor McCrory by the popular-science website Technica Curiosa has been included in an article for solar water-splitting entitled Out of Thin Air.

We welcome rotation student William Dean (B.S. UMBC)!


Our article Gastight Hydrodynamic Electrochemistry: Design for a Hermetically Sealed Rotating Disk Electrode Cell in collaboration with the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis has been accepted for publication in Analytical Chemistry.

Dr. John Lin’s article “Effect of Chromium Doping on Electrochemical Water Oxidation Activity by Co3-xCrxO4 Spinel Catalysts” has been accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis.  Congrats John!

We welcome rotation student Samuel Michaud (B.S. UMass Amherst)!  We also welcome University of Michigan Undergraduate researcher Sai Sivakumar!

Our lab has been officially certified as sustainable lab by the UM Office of Campus Sustainability with a rating of “Gold.”

Yingshuo Liu has officially joined the group as a graduate student.  Congratulations!

We welcome rotation students Bobby Bonsall (B.S. Penn State) and Quintin Cheek (B.S. Wayne State)!

Jeremy Kallick, Kwan Leung, and Weixuan Nie have officially joined the group as graduate students.  Congratulations!  We also welcome rotation student Yingshuo Liu.

Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers for earning summer research awards! Teresa Kwapisz was awarded a James E. Harris scholarship, Jeremy Meeder was awarded a SURP fellowship, and Jonathon Sohn was awarded a UMEI UROP fellowship.

Dr. Wesley Kramer’s article “Polymer Coordination Promotes Selective CO2 Reduction by Cobalt Phthalocyanine” has been selected as a cover article in Chemical Science.  Congrats Wes!
Chemical Science_07 March 2016
We welcome rotation students Kwan Leung (B.S. Ohio State) and Andy Brehaus-Alvarez (B.S. Western Washington)!  We also welcome back Weixuan Nie (M.Sc. Nanjing University) for a second rotation!


We welcome University of Michigan undergraduate researchers Teresa Kwapisz and Jeremy Meeder!

Dr. Chia-Cheng (John) Lin joins the group as a postdoctoral scholar.  John earned his Ph.D. from Iowa State University, where he worked with Prof. Javier Vela studying “Functional Silica-encapsulated Photoactive Nanocrystals.”

We welcome rotation students Weixuan Nie (M.Sc. Nanjing University) and Jeremy Kallick (B.A. Occidental College)!