Patient Portal

They Asked…

How can we use communications to meet meaningful use measures of the new patient portal,, and engage a large number of our patients and internal staff? As defined by the government, meaningful use measures meant that we needed 10% of patients seen by each eligible provider (which meant 10% many outpatient physicians) during our launch year.

We Answered…

With a campaign heavily targeting patients and families while they are in clinic. Because of the sensitive nature of health information, it was important that language used be carefully considered. Because the audience included ages and patient types, the visuals needed to be straight forward while standing out from clinical brand work. The creative became elevator wraps, handouts, signs, window clings, and direct mailings as well as a web video and informational pages. 

The Results…

With a promotion launch of September 2012, we enrolled 50,000 patients in the first six months.  As of January 2014, more than 100,000 users are active on the patient portal. The promotions, as supported by a great help desk staff and active clinicians, are being augmented to target specific patient groups where we see lower enrollment, including children, teens and their families.


Patient Portal Marketing Campaign
Patient Portal Marketing Campaign
Patient Portal Marketing Campaign
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