NIH-1R01HL128337-01 (PI: R. Bartlett; Co-PI: Meyerhoff)                                         8/1/15 – 7/31/19

“Bactericidal, Nonthrombogenic Intravascular Catheters”                      

Objectives: To prepare and examine the NO release capabilities and biomedical utility of S-nitroso-N-acetyl-penicillamine (SNAP) impregnated intravascular catheters to prevent thrombosis and bacterial adhesion for up to 3 weeks in animal models.


NIH R21-EB019566-01A1 (PI: Meyerhoff)                                                                  7/1/15 – 6/30/17

“Amperometric NO(g) Sensors with Improved Selectivity/Sensitivity for Biomedical Measurements”

Objectives: Use oxide coated Pt or Au inner working electrodes to greatly enhance selectivity over carbon monoxide with amperometric nitric oxide sensors based on Shubuki configuration, and then test such sensors for accuracy in detecting NO in exhaled nasal breath.


NIH-1R41AI120443-01 NOTA Laboratories (PI: Uma Sajjan; Co-PI: Meyerhoff)          9/1/15 – 8/31/16

“S-Nitrosothiol-Based Rinse/Aerosol Solutions For Treatment/Prevention of Rhinosinusitis”

Objectives: To assess the stability and NO release rates of various S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) formulations/solutions as potential therapeutic agents to ultimately increase NO levels in the sinus cavities of patients with chronic sinusitis.

Overlap: None


NIH-R42-DK100161-02-Phase II-Biocrede Inc. (NIH-STTR) (PI: H. Chen (Biocrede)      4/1/15 – 3/31/17

“Advanced Nitric Oxide Release Bactericidal Urinary Catheters”

Objectives: Examine methods to prepare and the release of nitric oxide from Foley urinary catheters that are impregnated with S-nitroso-acetyl-penicillamine to prevent biofilm formation and potential infection.


NIH-RO1-EB-000784 (PI: Meyerhoff)                                                                          4/1/10 – 1/31/14 (NCX to 1/31/16)

“Polymer Membrane Ion/Polyion Sensors: New Frontiers”

Objectives: The goals of this project are to explore the fundamentals and bioanalytical applications of novel anion and polyion sensors based on thin hydrophobic polymers doped with appropriate host chemistries.


NIH-R56-HL119403-01A1   (PI: Meyerhoff; Co-PI: Bartlett)                                        9/1/14 – 8/31/15 (NCX to 6/30/16)

Advanced Thromboresistant/Bactericidal Catheters via Electromodulated NO Release

Objectives: To demonstrate the utility of electrochemical generation of nitric oxide (NO) via reduction of inorganic nitrite using Cu(II) ligand complexes as electron transfer mediators within a catheter configuration to prevent thrombosis and microbial biofilm formation on the outer surface of the catheters.


The Leona M. and Harry B, Helmsley Charitable Trust (PI: Meyerhoff)                         1/1/13 – 6/30/16

“Improved Performance and Biocompatibility of Implantable Glucose Sensors Using Coatings that Secrete Nitric Oxide”

Current Year Direct Costs (to MEM’s lab): $187,453                    Effort: 0.5 summer months (2015)

Objectives: Examine the use of NO release coupled with immobilized CD47 to improve the in vivo biocompatibility and analytical performance of subcutaneous and intravascular electrochemical glucose sensors.

NIH SBIR-Phase II – MC3 Inc (PI: Merz; PI for U of M: Meyerhoff)                              8/1/14-4/30/16

“Non-Thrombogenic, Antiseptic Nitric Oxide Releasing Catheters

Objectives: Further optimize the long-term NO release from intravascular catheters designed for use in ECMO that are prepared with S-nitroso-N-acetyl-penicillamine as NO donor within the walls of the polymeric tubing.


NIH-1R43DK102189-01A1                                                                                    11/01/14 – 10/31/15

“Advanced Bactericidal Urinary Catheters Based on Electromodulated Nitric Oxide Release”

Objectives: Utilize electrochemical generation of nitric oxide from inorganic nitrite within Foley urinary catheters to prevent microbial biofilm formation on the inner and outer surfaces by bacteria most often associated with urinary tract infections.

Overlap: None