Fall 2017

September 22 on addressing external validity: A NYTimes piece on results of a study that was later found to have poor external validity (by a UM doctoral student), and an empirical paper that exemplifies research in this area

October 6 on Bayes & beyond: A background reading on the distinction between Bayesian and frequentist methods, focusing on parameter estimation and hypothesis testing

October 24 on mixed effects models: Here is a link to a working Google Doc with NII, where you can suggest topics, ask questions, and provide feedback on the upcoming mixed methods workshop, and here is a brief intuitive tutorial from Michael Freeman at the University of Washington

October 27 on interpreting non-replications: Background readings on the Open Science Collaboration, on what failure to replicate means, and a popular piece in The Atlantic

November 10 on preregistration: Presentation slides, a paper on The Preregistration Revolution, and details on The Preregistration Challenge, including support services

December 8 on analysis of ECoG data: A paper showing ECoG applications in task-related and natural contexts