Fall 2018

September 14 on A Frequentist’s Journey into the Land of Bayes—the problem(s) that pushed me over the edge: A paper here and here for thinking about small samples and methods and drawing conclusions from those data as well as the ASA’s statement on p-values.

September 28 on Voodoo Correlations Revisited: Biased Analysis in Neuroimaging and Behavioral Data: Links to background readings can be found on the Michigan Neuroimaging Initiative website.

October 26 on Explaining the Benefits and Implementation of Bayesian Cognitive Modeling to Frequentist Reviewers: Some background readings on good practices in cognitive modelingintegrating cognitive modeling into other disciplines, and pros and cons of hierarchical Bayesian modeling.

November 9 on Mapping Cognition Using Dense Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A background reading on precision brain mapping from Midnight Scan Club data and the Individual Brain Charting project.

November 30 on Strategies in Research Methodology: What I Wish I Knew When I Started Graduate School: A blog post on critically thinking about statistics and research practices