Free Showing of The Activists This Thursday

There will be a free showing of The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets this Thursday, September 14 at 6pm at the Ann Arbor District Library.  All are welcome!

See the event’s Facebook page here:

Winner of Best Paper Award

Jesse Crosson and I have won the Best Paper Award from the organized section on Political Organizations and Parties of the American Political Science Association. It is for our paper 2016 APSA paper entitled “Constructing Interest Group Coalitions.”

The Activists wins Best Documentary at Trinity Festival

The Activists won “Best Documentary” at the Trinity International Film Festival this past weekend.  See:

Kate Ruehrdanz defends honors thesis

Kate Ruehrdanz successfully defended her honors thesis today and received high honors. The title is “Partisanship and Hate: Influences on Attitudes
towards Civility and Violence among Protestors”. Very timely. Congratulations, Kate!

Meet the Raging Grannies

I was quoted in this Christian Science Monitor article on “Meet the Raging Grannies, Portland’s not-so-secret warriors for civility.”

The Activists to play at the YES Film Fest

The Activists has been named an Official Selection of The YES Film Festival in Columbus, Indiana, October 27-29, 2017.

The Activists reviewed at Counterpunch

The Activists was reviewed by Louis Proyect, “Documentaries That Punch,” Counterpunch (April 21, 2017).  Read it at:

Documentaries That Punch

The Activists reviewed at Foreign Policy Journal

The Activists was reviewed by Jeremy R. Hammond, “The Activists, or How the Anti-War Left Was Duped by Barack Obama,” Foreign Policy Journal (July 27, 2017).  Read it here:

The Partisan Ties of Lobbying Firms

Have you ever wondered about the “The Partisan Ties of Lobbying Firms”? If so, please check out my paper by that title, which is co-authored with Zander Furnas and Tim LaPira, and is available here:
It will be presented on September 1 at the APSA Annual Meeting. Among other things, we find that Republican lobbying firms experienced a bump in revenues when the Republicans took control of the House in 2010, but not when they captured the Senate in 2014.

The Activists selected by the 4th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra Awards, August 5-9, 2017.

The Activists is an Official Selection of the 4th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra Awards, August 5-9, 2017.