Selected Articles, Essays, Chapters

In Press, March 2019.  Fine-grained analysis: Talk therapy, media, and the microscopic science of the face-to-face. Isis: A Journal of the History of Science Society.

On the Pragmatic Poetry of Pose: Gesture, Parallelism, Politics

Uncommon Resemblance: Pragmatic Affinity in Political Gesture


No Ordinary Ethics

Barack Obama, Being Sharp: Indexical Order in the Pragmatics of Precision-Grip Gesture

The Poetics of Stance: Text-Metricality, Epistemicity, Interaction

Poetics and Performativity


Coedited journal issues

The Unmentionable: Verbal Taboo and the Moral Life of Language. (with Luke Fleming)

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Temporalities in Text(with Sabina Perrino)

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