Call For Papers

This year we explore (Dis)Engagement, attuning to questions about what our scholarly work does and for whom. What are the practical and political stakes of linguistic anthropology and related disciplines as a means of interpreting and commenting on the world? What constitutes impactful scholarship or meaningful work? What does it mean to study communication anthropologically, and what forms of (dis)engagement with different communities have we experienced and/or (re)created throughout the processes of research and writing?

In this historical moment, when shifting claims and confusions about “engagement” have been thrown into relief, (Dis)Engagement invites participants to reflect on the different roles, responsibilities, and impacts they have in the academy, in society, and in the communities where they work. We invite reflections on what it means to be engaged or disengaged, to include or exclude. We ask: What do we assume is – or is not – political in our practice, and how does this impact the choices we make over time? Can there truly be a lack of engagement, or is disengagement merely another form of engagement, taken (by whom?) to be done in an undesirable way? Who is included or excluded when we engage with different kinds of communities, be they research participants, fellow researchers, and/or wider audiences? In what ways is our work (dis)engaged with our own lives and social contexts? What other levels or scales of engagement can we discuss, and what would be the relationships among them?


Students will have 15 minutes to present research papers or project proposals at the conference. If you are interested in presenting, please send the following information to

  1. Title of presentation
  2. University and department affiliation(s) 
  3. Abstract of 250 words or less
  4. Whether you plan to attend virtually or in person
  5. Proof of COVID vaccination status (for potential in-person attendees)