How to Enroll

Enrollment in the MICHIGAN Mentorship Program is by application only.

It is mandatory that all interested students attend a general informational meeting  to insure that applicants understand the requirements and responsibilities in taking this course.  In addition, most students have questions about how the program works.  This is an opportunity to get all necessary information communicated in an efficient manner.  Students interested in applying should email Dr. Quart for a list of days and times of the informational meetings.  The meeting lasts about 30 minutes.  Applications are available at the meeting. 

Consent: With permission of instructor
Advisory Prerequisites:   A minimum of one 200 level course
Other Course Info: A total of six credits of Psychology letter-graded experiential courses may be counted for the Psychology concentration.
Repeatability: May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits
Primary Instructor: Quart,Ellen J