Program Reviews

“The Michigan Mentorship Program is an incredible support for students in public schools who require special and additional attention. The U-M mentors bring intelligence, energy and emotional connectedness to students (and teachers).” – Angell Elementary Teacher

“Being able to provide a child with the tools and skills to become the best version of themselves is the greatest gift I could receive. Although I had the role of mentor, I will forever remember my mentees as incredible mentors themselves.” – Natalie, Mentor

“My time as a mentor has been extremely rewarding and truly an incredible experience. I cherish the time each week that I get to spend with my mentee, as she has taught me things along the way also. It was a great learning experience and I gained valuable skills that I will use in my future.” – Kathryn LaLonde, Mentor

“The Michigan Mentorship Program allowed me to gain a new best friend. I will miss them next year at school, but I have great memories to cherish.” – Student from Community High School

“Watching my mentee set goals and follow up on them was extremely gratifying. Being a mentor was a large responsibility and a commitment, but the benefits I received are invaluable.” – Adam Isselbacher, Mentor

“I am forever grateful for the chance to spend time with my mentor this year. I made so much progress academically and socially.” – Student from Forsythe Middle School

“It was a gift to watch someone that I care about grow to reach full potential throughout the school year. The progress that my mentee made along the way was remarkable, and I am lucky I was able to be a part of that.” – Iman P., Mentor

“Michigan Mentors are reliable, creative and sensitive to student needs. On a daily basis, Michigan Mentors demonstrate the ability to teach students how to solve problems (academic, social, personal or behavioral).” – Angell Elementary Teacher

“My mentor is not only my role model, but also a friend. I am able to be myself and open up with her unlike anyone else.” – Student from Forsythe Middle School