Spirit Week

It started in the Bement Lab at the University of Wisconsin, then Ann brought it along with her to the University of Michigan…(Pictures coming soon!)

Spirit Week 2017: Monday – Mer-Cleaning Ladies Day (Mermaids who are cleaning ladies…do you get it? Took me a while…)

Spirit Week 2017: Tuesday – Pie Rats Day (Pirates! Rats! Pies!)

Spirit Week 2017: Wednesday – Beets by Dre Day

Spirit Week 2017: Thursday – Ann’s Dream Date Day (Fictional characters or John Gurdon)

Spirit Week 2017: Friday – Canadian Tuxedo Day (Denim on Denim…on Denim!)

Spirit Week 2016: Monday – Steve’s Grandma Day

Spirit Week 2016: Tuesday – The Real Slim Shady Day

Spirit Week 2016: Wednesday – Best Protein in the World Day

Spirit Week 2016: Thursday – Model Organisms Day

Spirit Week 2016: Friday – Excessive/Alternate PPE Day

Spirit Week 2015: “Dress Like Your Science Name Day”
group lab meeting Ciara presenting Rachel Bday

Spirit Week 2015: “Ken CATigan Day”
group casual lab Ann Kayla Tomo

Spirit Week 2015: “France Day”
group walk nickels facial hair food mustardAnn

Spirit Week 2015:”Steve Day”
group Torey and Rachel Rachel Tomo
Elaina Brandon Farah

Spirit Week 2015: “Vegetable Warfare Day”
group Torey Ciara lab Tomo Farah Rachel cooking

Spirit Week 2014: “Conspicuous Disguises Day
IMG_3783 2014-08-11_1407783827 IMG_3787 IMG_3786

Spirit Week 2014: “All Business Day
IMG_3799 IMG_3806 20140812_104423IMG_2485

Spirit Week 2014: “Favorite Cocktail Day”
IMG_3818 IMG_3814

Spirit Week 2014: “Rhymes with ‘ox’ Day”
IMG_3829IMG_3834 IMG_38352014-08-14_1408029858

Spirit Week 2014: “Kentucky Derby Day”
IMG_3854 IMG_3860 IMG_3866 2014-08-15_1408134398

Spirit Week 2013: “Unicorn Day” It’s magical!
IMG_2865 IMG_2861 IMG_2859

Spirit Week 2013: “Toy Story Day” Come on in and feel like a kid again…
IMG_2805 IMG_2811  IMG_2813 IMG_2807

Spirit Week 2013: “Other Lab Members Day” We’re ‘expecting’ you’ll love this one…
IMG_2791 IMG_2789 IMG_2787

Spirit Week 2013: “Cotton Ball Hair Day” We don’t get it either. Just go with it. It will be fun!
IMG_2781  IMG_2785
IMG_2778 IMG_2773 IMG_2779 IMG_2775
Spirit Week 2013: “Decades Day” Prepare to be transported in time…
IMG_2772 IMG_2765