Lab News


09/01/16, Ming Li lab started its journey!

09/12/16, Yan Zhu, first rotation student joined the lab! Welcome, Yan!

09/20/16, Aditi Kappagantu, first work study student joined the lab! Welcome, Aditi!

09/26/16, Yan successfully knocked out two yeast genes. First ever in Li lab! Check out Yan smiling at his plate in the lab member picture.

09/27/16, Grace Chu, second work study student joined the lab! Welcome, Grace!

10/10/16, Yun-Yu Liu, first UROP student joined the lab! Welcome, Yun-Yu!

10/11/16, Aaron Hamlin, second UROP student joined the lab! Welcome, Aaron!


3/6/17, Peach(Felichi Mae) Arines, started her rotation in the lab. Welcome, Peach!

3/16/17, Aaron received the Biomedical and Life Science Fellowship from the UROP program. Congratulations!

3/23/17, Patrick Bulinski, an undergraduate student, started volunteering in the lab. Welcome, Patrick!

3/27/17, Xi Yang, our very first postdoc, joined the lab! Welcome, Xi!

4/4/17, Both Grace and Aditi received the MCDB Summer Research Fellowship. Congratulations!

4/18/17, Weichao Zhang started a rotation in the lab. Welcome, Weichao!

4/24/17, Peach joined the lab. She is our very first graduate student!!!

5/8/17, Yun-Yu received a MCDB undergraduate research fellowship. Congratulations!

5/17/17, Both Peach and Weichao passed the checkpoint #1 exam with excellent scores. Congratulations!

6/15/17, Weichao officially joined the lab. Our second graduate student!!!

9/19/17, Both Peach and Weichao received the Rackham Graduate Student Research Grants. Congratulations!

10/4/17, Lucas Reist joined the lab as an UROP student. Welcome!


1/1/18  2018 is going to be a great year. We will start publishing our own papers, recruiting new lab members, and receive grant support.

1/19/18, Our first paper was accepted by eLife! Big congratulations to the first author Dr. Xi Yang and co-authors Peach and Weichao! This paper was submitted on 11/10/17 and accepted on 1/19/18. We thank eLife for their strong support of junior investigators and high efficiency!

2/17/18, Grace was awarded with the prestigious USAISR 2018 Summer Internship. It is a scholarship that allows undergraduate students to work with researchers at the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research. Congratulations! You are one step closer to your medical school dream.

3/27/18, Dominic Chomchai joined the lab as an undergraduate volunteer. Welcome!

4/2/18, Yun-Yu, Aaron, and Aditi received the Program in Biology Fellowships for their summer research. Congratulations!

4/2/18, Dr Li gave an invited seminar at the Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

4/23/18, Varsha Venkatarangan started a rotation in the lab.

4/28/18, Patrick graduated. Congratulations! We are proud of you!