Citation (Chicago): Morgel, Eric. Professor Gray and the Secret Life of Books. June 10, 2016. https://sites.lsa.umich.edu/mls-asa-gray.

This research project was authored by Eric Morgel as part of the Michigan Library Scholars summer internship at the University of Michigan Library.

This project was made using a WordPress Template hosted by U-M College of Literature, Science and the Arts and features bookshelf and timeline plugins. The interactive maps were made using Story Maps by ArcGIS.

Evyn Kropf and Kate Hutchens of the U-M Special Collections Library provided assistance and mentorship throughout the completion of the project.

The author would also like to thank Rashelle Nagar, University Library Associate 2014-2016, for notifying him about Russell E. Bidlack’s dissertation and for sharing her prior research.

The author wishes to dedicate this project to Russell E. Bidlack, without whose scholarship this project would not have been possible.

Russell E Bidlack Plaque