I’ve been accepted, now what?

Help! I’m flying in from another state/country!

All students flying into Michigan in need of transportation to and from DTW airport will be required to purchase Airport Transportation and submit flight information in their “Friend Account” including: airline namearrival time, and flight number. The following information applies to all airport transportation:

  • A camp counselor will be stationed in Baggage Claim wearing an MMSS T-Shirt and ID badge
  • Rotating vans will be carpooling students to West Quad on flight arrival date (first Sunday of each session)
  • Counseling staff will monitor flight times for changes throughout the duration of the day
  • Students will be greeted at West Quad by counseling staff to help them move in to their designated room

Where will I be staying?

Residential Students will stay on the Ann Arbor University of Michigan Campus in West Quad located at 541 Thompson Street (map). Students will check into the residence hall by 3:00pm on the Sunday prior to classes starting.  For residential students, a pizza dinner will be provided during a brief overview of rules and regulations after the welcome ceremony. NO OTHER MEALS through the dining hall will be available on the Sunday prior to classes.

What should I pack?

Necessary Items:

Bed sheets/blankets – long twin
Alarm clock (or mobile phone with alarm function)
Extra writing utensils
Sufficient socks and underwear (washer and dryer quarter-machines available)
Toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, toothbrush and tooth paste, etc.)

Optional items:

Bathing suit
Athletic wear
iPod/iPad/iPhone & laptops 
(the University of Michigan is NOT RESPONSIBLE for stolen, broken or missing items)

MMSS provided items:

First aid and basic over-the-counter medication (Tylenol, Advil, etc. – counselor administered)
Classroom supplies including any print materials, calculators, etc.
Recreational sporting equipment (frisbee, soccer ball, basketballs, etc.)

Can I choose my roommate?

If two students are admitted to the program and would like to room together, the option to request a roommate is listed in the U of M Friend Account. Although the option is available, it is not a guarantee that students will be matched up, however, we do try our best to fulfill students requests.