Services Provided


LSA Movers have a staff of eight employees who will move furnishings and equipment when needed in your department. -Generally speaking, we do relocate staff, faculty, and equipment that the departmental staff cannot handle.


NOTE: Packing is a departmental responsibility.  LSA Movers do not pack your items, we will provide you with plastic crates, boxes, tape, and tape dispensers for your move.  Contact Move Shop Mgr at 764-9761 or email for these supplies.

Moving Furniture

  • moverEach item of furniture that will be moved needs to be labeled.  NOTE: Only labeled furniture will be moved.
  • Desk station preparation—Please remove and pack all loose items, especially all items in the center drawer.
  • All bookshelves and storage cabinets must be emptied.
  • Filing cabinets do not have to be emptied.
  • Unwanted furniture is to be labeled PD and will be taken to Property after your move is complete.

Property Disposition

propertyAll departmental furniture and equipment disposal should be handled through the LSA Movers.  Any items we feel are in good condition, we’ll store and repurpose them to other LSA units.  We schedule regular trips with Property Disposition to consolidate items from several units to minimize trips.

Sending computers to Property Disposition has specific regulatory requirements.  Inform Property Disposition if your computers have gold tags for Property Control.  LSA TS must clear hard drives.  See more information on the Property Disposition Page.

Repurposed Furniture Requests

If you require office furniture, check with us, and we may have that item in our off-site inventory.  We cannot access new furniture; contact your LSA facilities manager for new furniture requests.

Office Improvements

LSA Movers can install bulletin boards, pictures, and wall pockets.  We can often make minor repairs to furniture or advise you on the appropriate contact for repairs we can’t make.

Building Maintenance & Contact Procedures

Please contact The Facilities and Operations Service Center (FSC) for all other building-related issues.

Phone: Facilities Service Center (FSC) 647-2059
Submit an online work request (request general fund work order)


Classroom picture

LSA Movers are responsible for seeing that the over 200 general-purpose LSA classrooms are adequately furnished and the furnishings are maintained.  During the year, if your faculty or staff has classroom issues involving room maintenance, including broken projection screens, classroom furniture, pencil sharpeners, auditorium seating, and shade or blind repairs, contact  These issues may then be considered priority issues.

Issues involving no heat, air conditioning, lights out, and leaks can be directed to the Facilities Service Center (FSC), 647-2059. If you do not receive a timely response, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Move shop manager at 764-9761.

Facilities Service Center (FSC), 647-2059, furnishes classroom chalk and erasers.

NOTE: The LSA Moving group cannot add additional seating that would exceed the stated capacity of any existing LSA classroom.

Issues regarding classroom scheduling should be directed to the Registrar’s Office:

Phone:  734.763.2113
Fax:  734.936.3148