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People are talking…

Our new website and blog have been up for a couple months now, and here’s a taste of what folks have been saying: Fiction Writers Review reviewed the new MQR website, and  Randall Mann’s “The One Sentence Review” buzzed around Book Forum, The Poetry Foundation’s Harriet: The Blog, and The Rumpus. In addition, posts have been tweeted about on Twitter and posted on Facebook. In short, the conversation is on the move. There’s only one problem…

We’d like to hear from more of you. We’d like to hear from you, specifically, dear reader. What are you reading? Writing? What passions are driving you these days? What nuggets have you discovered in the latest issue of the Michigan Quarterly Review? The MQR Blog? We want to know.

Our Fall issue heads your way soon, and it’s chock full of Motown goodies and other tidbits. We hope you’ll feel moved to share your thoughts about the pieces in the journal and on the blog. We also welcome your insights about the times, places, and issues that MQR explores. It’s easy join the conversation. Just register an account with the MQR Blog, and start sharing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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