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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Clean Sweep

* Lillian Li *

August 7th was moving day, a day I had anticipated with equal parts dread and excitement since the dead-end of January.

Literacy for Poets

* Leah Falk *

In the fiftieth anniversary year of Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media, considering the alphabet as both technology and aesthetic object.

Intimacy, and Maureen McLane’s My Poets

* Paula Mendoza *

I’m fascinated by the phenomenon of literary intimacy—the relationship between a reader and the literature they love—and in particular, the intimacy between a poetry reader, and the poets they admire.

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On Transformative Compassion

* Kaveh Bassiri *

The recent trying political events in the Middle East are so dark and troubling that I lost the elation of Arab Spring and went in search of moral and ethical grounds — a vista where I can look at what is happening from a clear vantage point.