MQR 54:4 | Fall 2015

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A special section pays tribute to the work of Charles Baxter: Laurence Goldstein tells of discovering Baxter’s first submission to MQR, Matt Burgess discusses “Forbearance,” Michael Byers lays out a Baxterian taxonomy, Matthew Pitt discovers Baxter’s affinity with Wile E. Coyote, Joan Silber analyzes Baxter’s use of melodrama, Valerie Laken explores “Minnesota nice,” and Jeremiah Chamberlin interviews the man himself.

Fiction from Maria Adelmann, Garret Keizer, Jane Ratcliffe, Laura Lampton Scott, Beth Thompson, and Ronna Wineberg.

Poetry from Durs Grünbein, Timothy Liu, Alessandra Lynch, Raymond McDaniel, and Deborah Pope.

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