MQR 57:2, Spring 2018 – Michigan Quarterly Review

MQR 57:2, Spring 2018

Cover Art by Khaled al’Saa’, courtesy of UMMA and the Margaret Watson Parker Art Collection Fund


  • Frances McCue: Walt Whitman and the Bricoleurs of Marrakesh
  • Iman Mersal (translated by Robin Moger): How to find your Mother in her Portrait
  • Nahal Suzanne Jamir: She Made my Eyes


  • Jane Bradley: Easy to Disappear
  • Nicholas Delbanco: The House
  • Ally Glass-Katz: A.K.A. Living
  • Fahima Haque: That Thing You Will Do Again


  • Benjamin Alfaro: Love’s Austere and Lonely Office
  • Fady Joudah: The Magic of Apricot: Footnotes in the Order of Disappearance
  • Shane McCrae: The Hastily Assembled Angel at the Gate
  • David Mura: For AI [Love] Né Florence Anthony: On the Cover of Dread
  • Nkosi Nkululeko: Recordable
  • Jacqueline Osherow: Poems from the Alhambra
  • Lena Khalaf Tuffaha: Lesson: Past, Incomplete; Notes on the Nature and Implications of Kaan; Lesson: Direct Objects; Kaan’s Sister Saar; Kaan and her Sister Return
  • Kamelya Youssef: Frayed Towel Made Holy; Prayer [Rug] for this Nonbeliever

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