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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Confronting Bukowski: An Interview with Kat Giordano

“The main thing that’s changed over the period of time in which these poems were written is that I care a lot less about being capital-P Poetic than I used to. This is most likely due to a combination of leaving an academic environment and discovering a whole wealth of lesser-known indie poets (and prose writers too) online whose work absolutely punched my gut and yet seemed totally unconcerned with whether or not it was ‘doing enough’ in terms of craft.”

Baba and the Pontiac

That Pontiac was a classic American beauty: a long, wide yellow convertible with sparkling nickel and chrome trim, and gray leather seats with yellow stripes running down the middle.

Little Shrines: An Interview with Lauren Clark

“Poems are personal devotional devices. They’re little shrines—places you touch again and again, in editing, arranging and rearranging the contents until you have them just right, just so beautiful or compelling that god / God can’t ignore them.”