“Aubade on the 8th Floor of St. Luke’s,” by J. Estanislao Lopez

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“Aubade on the 8th Floor of St. Luke’s,” by J. Estanislao Lopez, appeared in the Fall 2018 – Caregiving Issue of MQR.

The hoopla of the morning sun interrupts
a man’s morbidity, doesn’t it?
—It has no capacity
to instruct us, whose hearts grow
What’s inside my father doesn’t glow;
it oxidizes. The young swoon
at times, and, at times, winter-scented rain
takes the stage.
Sometimes, though, breathtaking
arrives too literally, or late.
The sun, worrisome
in elongated splendor.
—I never asked for beauty.
What it wants from me I’ll be damned
if I know.

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Image: Munch, Edvard. “The Sun.” 1911-16. Oil on canvas. University of Oslo, Norway.

J. Estanislao Lopez lives and teaches in Houston, TX. His work has appeared in Harvard ReviewPloughsharesThe New Yorker, and elsewhere. He is currently an MFA candidate at Warren Wilson College. Find him on Twitter @EstanislaoPoet.