December 2018 – Michigan Quarterly Review

Month: December 2018


“Transference,” by Kate Osana Simonian, appeared in the Fall 2018 – Caregiving Issue of MQR. Rather than ferry the juice bottles in pairs from the car to the house, Eve saw the verandah in spitting distance and gathered them up. She felt immediate regret. Her shoulders hunched around her freight. Two bottles sweated under one …

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red and blue watercolor

Wreath for a Bridal

Anne Stevenson’s review of Ted Hughes’s Birthday Letters appeared in MQR’s Winter 1999 issue. Our dear friend and longtime former Editor Lawrence Goldstein knows the journal’s publishing history like an intimate library, and he reminded us of this treasure from the archives.  In the United Kingdom, Ted Hughes is recognized as an outstanding—even the definitive—English …

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Condition Of Secrecy by Inger Christensen front cover

The Word Wholly Itself: Inger Christensen’s “The Condition of Secrecy”

At the risk of generalizing perhaps too broadly, prose by poets—that is, prose written by writers whose primary mode is poetry—seems to fall into two camps. Either the writing is extremely sober, to clearly differentiate it from the poet’s poetry (think criticism, or op-eds), or poets’ prose reads like poetry. Which is to say it …

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