MQR Issue 57:6 | Spring 2019 – Michigan Quarterly Review

MQR Issue 57:6 | Spring 2019


Khaled Mattawa: A special Editor’s Note


Kathryn Babayan: After 1979: Literature from Iran and the Diaspora


  • Salar Abdoh: Lies, Fame, Memory, Illness, and the Theater of Reza Abdoh
  • Sandy Feinstein: Freestyle
  • M.R. Ghanoonparvar: Displaced Entities, Shattered Identities, and the Loss of Paradise
  • Mojgan Ghazirad: A Woman Warrior
  • Mason Jabbari: Rolling a Boulder Uphill
  • Habibe Jafarian (trans. by Salar Abdoh): The Ingrid Bergman Principle
  • Amy Motlagh: Between the Acts: Witnessing the Egyptian Revolution, Remembering the Iranian Revolution
  • Kusha Sefat: The End of Romanticism in Tehran


  • Hossein Mortezaeian Abkenar (trans. by Sara Khalili): Second Slice of Darkness
  • Javad Afhami (trans. by Salar Abdoh): Bedtime
  • Dena Afrasiabi: Ayatollahland
  • Amir Ahmadi Arian: Shafaq Park
  • Aliyeh Ataei (trans. by Salar Abdoh): The Alcove
  • Nilofar Shidmehr: Sakeen


  • Reza Afazali (trans. by Franklin Lewis): Siavash
  • Qeysar Aminpur (trans. by Paul Losensky): The Inescapable Day
  • Vahe Armen (trans. by Franklin Lewis): Dreamdaze
  • Armen Davoudian: Saffron Rice
  • Leila Emery: Persian
  • Mohammad Reza Shafi’i Kadkani (trans. by Abdullah Zahiri): An Elegy for the Tree
  • Mohammad Reza Shafi’i Kadkani (trans. by Kamyar & Harriet Levin): The Message of Spring; The Rain’s Travelogue; Before You
  • Saba Keramati: Two Pomegranates for Winter Solstice
  • Haji Khavari (trans. by Roger Sedarat): At the Same Dead End
  • Saïdeh Pakravan: The Exile Star
  • Arash Saedinia: Proof
  • Amir Safi: Saffron
  • Mo H Saidi: Hafiz’s Paradise; Books in Paradise
  • Sayyed Ali Salehi (trans. Shahla Farghadani): I Swear by the Moon of the Hashemites that I Speak the Truth
  • H.E. Sayeh (trans. Fayre Makeig): The Poet; In the Rose Garden
  • Roger Sedarat: The IR N NU Deal; Say Uncle; Nightline
  • Sohrab Sepehri (trans. by Franklin Lewis): Toward the Image of the Friend
  • Sohrab Sepehri (trans. by Armen Davoudian): Cheers from Long Ago
  • Fatemeh Shams (trans. by Dick Davis): Three Chairs
  • Sanam Shahmiri: To Neda After the Uprising; Azadi
  • Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad: Isfahan, 2010

You can purchase our Spring 2019 issue here.

And enjoy our Web-Exclusive Iran Folio of interviews, reviews,  Arts and Culture essays, and excerpts from the Print journal:
  • An essay on cover artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo, Finding Hope Amidst an Uncertain Economy: Mehdi Ghadyanloo at the 2019 World Economic Forum,” by Pamela Karimi
  • Iranian Cinema, Then and Now: An Interview with Blake Atwood and Pedram Partovi, by Cameron Cross
  • “A Lover Alone in Prison:” A Conversation between Ilan Stavans and Sara Khalili
  • “Both a Poem and a Microcosm:” An Interview with Roja Chamankar by Leah Xue
  • And, “Why I Chose This,”  a series of excerpts of essays, fiction, and poetry from our Print Issue, introduced by MQR Staff Readers.
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