MQR Issue 59:3, Summer 2020

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Announcing the release of MQR 59:3

Cover Art courtesy of Abdelgader Bader

Table of Contents


  • Sheldon Costa: Wolf
  • Miguel Gomes, translated by Charles LeBel: Story That Kills You
  • Glen Hirshberg: Over
  • Lance Larsen: Nothing as Dirty as a Richard Nixon Hand
  • Lorraine M. López: Beloved Imposters
  • Sydney Rende: Lopsided


  • Amanda Chemeche: Chengdu
  • Glenda Conway: The Statesman
  • David H. Lynn: Auguries of Heavy Weather
  • Cathy Mellett: Every Thing She Gave Me


  • E. Kristin Anderson: I Revenge Myself
  • Daniel Arias-Gómez: Monologue While Watching the Rain Fall on the Patio; On My Way To Pick Up Michelle From The Factory
  • Emma Bolden: Apocalyptic Love Song
  • Mia Couto, translated by Joana Araújo and Zack Rogow: Longing
  • Alana Folsom: Winged Victory of Samothrace
  • Charles Gabel: Essays on Money
  • Joseph Jang: Cento for the Future in Which I am Alive
  • Yusef Komunyakaa: This New Year; History is Human; Yes, It Could Be Worse
  • Michael McGriff: Translating the Deer
  • Sandra McPherson: Faith; Bereavement Story (Lincoln Park Hospital, 1989)
  • Michelle Meier: The Disquieting; Capture
  • Katie Naughton: Day Book: Antipodes
  • Bridget O’Bernstein: The Inside
  • Carolyn Oliver: Reading Szymborska Under a Harvest Moon
  • William Olsen: Lament for the Hummingbird Drones; Huntington’s; Guitar Lessons; Micro
  • Kevin O’Rourke: St. Peter’s Beach
  • Kate Partridge: Eve From Above
  • Viplav Saini: When He Left the House Quietly
  • G.C. Waldrep: And What Saints Behind the Door
  • Lesley Wheeler: Venus/Dodo; Self-portrait with Golden Shovel
  • Landa Wo: Chila Menga

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