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Summer 2022 | Haro Lee Reads "Carriage" MQR Sound

Haro Lee reads her poem, "Carriage," for MQR's Summer 2022 issue.
There are lost toys in heaven’s debris. For the babes born in jars, babes who were bathed, babes who were battered carefully into washing machines, babes who choked a little too quick, babes born wilted with blue lips. I knew you when you were just a thrush. An ultrasound nose, a lullaby hush. I thought I knew you, when your first song locked in your throat instead. You were my rubbed belly, my dirty stain upon my seat, my soiled heartache. I combed you into the earth, feeling the drought tickle my calves, and patted you clean. If I could do this all over again with you. What might have been. Corpse. Baby. Foetus. Idea. Love. Let’s make a baby.

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